St. Simon's Church

St. Simon’s Anglican Church was constructed in 1840 at a cost of three hundred and seventy five pounds (£375.00). This chapel measured one thousand, one hundred and eighty eight square feet (1188 sq. ft.)  St. Simon’s chapel is sited in the St. Simon’s village in the picturesque, lush parish of St. Andrew on the beautiful, tropical island of Barbados.


This church was originally built as one of the Coleridge chapel schools in Barbados which meant that it served double duty both as a chapel for religious instruction and worship and as a school for the children of the residents in the area and its environs. Just fifteen years after its construction in 1855, the chapel school fell into a severe state of disrepair and it had to be demolished and completely rebuilt.


In 1917, on 6th November, a cemetery was opened and it was consecrated by the bishop Alfred Berkeley who served the Anglican diocese of Barbados from 1917 - 1927. St. Simon’s chapel school again fell into disrepair in 1945, some ninety years after it was rebuilt; again the chapel was again torn down. St. Simon’s church was then rebuilt in 1948.


This beautiful little church currently serves its small community in rural Barbados with the devout dedication that has been the hallmark of the Anglican Church in Barbados over the years.



Sundays  -  (1st, 2nd & 4th) - 6:15 am
 - (3rd) - 7:00 am


Contact Information

Telephone (Office) - (246) 421-7008




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