St. Lawrence Church

Perched atop a small cliff at the first corner you encounter as you enter the infamous St. Lawrence Gap is the quaint little church that bears the name of its location. St. Lawrence Church was initially constructed in 1837 on a plot of land donated to the Barbadian diocese of the Anglican Church by Edward Grogan. The dimensions of the original church were said to be about fifty by twenty five feet and cost around five hundred pounds (£500.00) to build. The church was eventually consecrated by the Bishop William Hart Coleridge on 5th November, 1839.


Back in the early days, the people who resided in the area known as Bath Village, now St. Lawrence Gap, were forced to attend services at the Christ Church Parish Church or at the St. Michael's Cathedral in Barbados' capital city, Bridgetown. This meant that they had to have access to transportation and if that was not an option, they had to walk and this of course proved to be very inconvenient. After the Christ Church Parish Church was destroyed in the Great Hurricane of 1831, a decision was made to construct a chapel school to service the needs of the people of Bath Village and the other surrounding areas.


As the population in the area grew, the original chapel school was expanded. In 1924 the Chancel was added; then again between 1939 and 1940, there was further construction with the addition of the vestry and the organ chamber. In 1976 the church underwent another expansion when the Church Hall was added. This little Barbadian church remains much the same as it was back in the 1970's.


St. Lawrence Church today is probably the oldest, most traditional building located in this area of Barbados popularly referred to as 'The Gap' which has gained international acclaim as a popular spot for nightlife on the south coast of the island of Barbados. St. Lawrence Church stands as the only scared space in this otherwise secular location.


St. Lawrence Church is well-positioned as it is right beside this usually calm south coast beach which offers visitors breathtakingly beautiful views of the tranquil Caribbean Sea.



Sundays  -  7:30 am (Said Eucharist & sermon)
Sundays  - 9:30 am (Sung Eucharist & sermon)
Tuesdays  - 7:00 am Said Eucharist)
Wednesdays  - 7:30 am Prayer and Praise)


Contact Information

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Residence  - (246) 428-6177
Office Hours  - Saturday 9:00 -10:00 am or by appointment




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