St. Margaret's Church

St. Margaret's church is a curious little country church situated in the parish of St. John on the island of Barbados. It was built in 1862 solely by the Hon. J. A. Haynes, of Newcastle Plantation, and named after his wife, Margaret Ann Haynes, who died at the age of ninety in the year 1917. Placed on the inside of the church is a plaque dedicated to her by her eight children. It is still there today. St. Margaret's Church was consecrated 9th December, 1863 by the Bishop Thomas Parry.



This church was constructed on the site of the old Glenburnie Boiler House in St. John and incidentally, much of the debris from the old boiler house was actually used in the construction of this rural church in Barbados. In fact, the very building materials may have contributed to the rather strange appearance of this little church but despite its curious outward appearance it is still well loved by the residents of this rural area, Barbadians old and young, who worship there.


When compared to other churches built on this beautiful island of Barbados at the time, this church is quite distinctive; it could even be described as quirky. The building has a squat appearance and features an oddly proportioned wooden portico affixed to the front of the building directly over the main entrance to the church. This structure supports the bell for the church and it is believed that this portico was indeed a later addition to the church.


Like many of the churches found in Barbados, this church too features a small bullseye window positioned directly above the church's entrance. Additionally, this window also features a curved molded cornice which sits just above it. This traditional feature (the bullseye window) however, is almost totally unseen due to the large scale and awkwardness of the added portico.  It is almost as if the outer appearance of St. Margaret’s church were a crude caricature of the traditional single story Barbadian chapel.


The simple, almost sparse interior of the church really contradicts this strange attempt at opulence depicted by its exterior. In fact, a small stained glass window located directly behind the altar is the only thing that would prevent anyone from describing this church as humble. This beautiful window nonetheless is clearly visible form the front entrance of the church.  Despite its awkward appearance, St. Margaret’s Church in St. John, Barbados still radiates a curious charm which seems to beckon inquisitive visitors to come and further explore the grounds and interior of this strange looking Barbadian Anglican Church.



Sundays - 9:30 a.m. (Mass)


Contact Information

Telephone (Office)  - (246) 433-5599
Rectory  - 
(246) 433-1586




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